Estate & Family Trust

Have you have been thinking about retiring from the family orchard business but what if children are not interested in the business?

Is it time to cut it down and develop the property?

Or maybe a family member has past on and left to you a 50-acre orchard near Cashmere, but you and your family live in Boston. Should you sell it?

Since 1985 Stemilt Management has worked through these important decisions with many individuals and families. In fact, Estates and Family Trust make up 35% of all the orchards we manage. The professionally trained staff evaluate each orchard as an investment, an instrument of your financial portfolio, with the expectation of maximizing its return. After an evaluation, Stemilt Ag Services can provide you with a team of skilled personnel and industry relationships, like Stemilt Growers, to manage the complete orchard operation. This will give you the opportunity to focus on enjoying retirement or another career here in Washington or thousands of miles away.

Case Study:

Our Long-term customer J.O. Sims, Ltd. supplies and distributes our products to retailers in the UK. They import exotic fruits and vegetables from sources around the world. The Sims Family has chosen Stemilt over all the producers they deal with. Total J.O. Sims acreage is 1,300 acres of apples & cherries.