New Orchard Investment

It’s finally time to invest those hard-earned dollars. Where will you put them? One colleague suggests real estate, and your broker claims stocks are the answer. Then, on a recent vacation to Lake Chelan in Washington state, you read an interesting article on orchard investments, but you’ve never farmed in your life.

It’s true, orchard investments can deliver tremendous returns. One of the best kept investor secrets, orchards can deliver returns that often meet and exceed those of industry leading stocks. But just like the stock market, it pays to find the right investment professional to manage your money.

Stemilt Ag Services is the industry’s leading professional manager of new orchard investments. Leadership that has been built around talent of the company’s professional, educated, and highly skilled staff, combined with powerful industry relationships like Stemilt Growers. Today this business makes up 40% of the company’s professional orchard management services.

Case Study:

We have placed approximately $12 million in new orchard plantings since 1994 for 401k retirement investment groups. Deeded parcel specific ownership of new 21st Century orchard varieties.