Orchards in Financial Recovery

There are many reasons and situations that can lead an orchard into financial recovery. Like any business, those reasons may have been out of your control. But how it happened is not important anymore. It’s time to evaluate the issues and take the first steps toward recovery. It was this very same issue faced by an orchard that led to the founding of Stemilt Management.

With your assistance, the Stemilt Ag Services team will carefully evaluate the situation and condition of the orchard in financial recovery. From the team’s recommendation, a recovery plan is implemented and the orchard is returned to financial strength for its owners.

Case Study:

500 acre success story- After bringing the owners out of bankruptcy we returned the deed to the ranch back to the owners debt-free. We have managed the orchard for the owners for over 20 years now. We now farm several hundred acres through several different enterprises in receivership for financial institutions.