Stemilt Growers

The strength of Stemilt Ag Services is fueled by its many industry relationships, including its most formable – Stemilt Growers. Founded in 1964 by Thomas Mathison on a desire to deliver high quality produce to market and greater profits for growers, Stemilt Growers has evolved over the years into a global leader in conventional and organic tree fruit.

In connection with Stemilt Ag Services, Stemilt Growers provides the company with state-of-the-art cold storage, packaging, shipping, and sales and marketing services. With dozens of hydro-cooled storage facilities throughout eastern Washington, all fruit can be moved from tree to refrigeration within hours of harvest.
Stemilt Products

The Stemilt Ag Services business focuses on three major agriculture opportunities:


  • Dessert quality fruit with great pressures and taste


  • Premium quality with multiple varieties


  • The largest cherry manifest in the world
  • New varieties to stay ahead of consumer demand
  • Consumer packaging to increase sales revenue

The company feels that these three fruits offer the greatest return on investment for conditions in eastern Washington and the world produce market. Among the company’s orchard portfolio there are many different varieties, including organics.